Cave Torch


A fun flashlight app.

This paid version includes more fun custom flashlights (e.g. Gandalf staff!) and allows you to select your custom MP3 scary music!

Tap on the screen to light the torch and activate the flashlight. That’s right! Along with the standard (and boring!) use of the camera flash for a flashlight, it also displays a funky torch on the screen and plays scary music. To take things further, the flame makes a swooshing sound whenever you shake the phone hard enough, reacting to your gestures, and, once in a while, little laughing devils come tumbling out of the fire. Wha-ha-ha!

Take this thing to explore some caves or catacombs in Paris! The scary music really bumps up the mood and the torch flame makes you feel like you are Indiana Jones himself!

May it be a light for you until the battery dies!

PS. Sensitivity of flame swooshing, type of flame (real/cartoon) and music can all be configured in the settings.

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